AATIM members are classified into three types:

Pro-Certified member – Certified member- Ordinary member

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of AATIM is composed of four officers and directors responsible for managing AATIM’s goals and activities.

Who can join AATIM?

Membership in the Association of Accredited Translators and Interpreters of Madagascar is a true asset to translators and interpreters working in the industry.

Anyone with an interest in translation and interpreting as career can be a member of AATIM.

Want to win the challenge in showing your talents as Translator or Interpreter, becoming a member of AATIM can be your first step thanks to the market power of AATIM membership. Don’t wait. Join us now and be an AATIM!

Why should you become a member?

One of AATIM’s goal is to provide for you the education and resources to keep you competitive in a global economy


To be a professional it is important to be part of a professional organization. Your affiliation with AATIM is an excellent reference of your service.

Take advantage of your membership

When you become AATIM member, you join a great network of people, opportunities, and resources. And this is the best start! You learn to get started, get connected, and get involved!


Your Benefits

  • AATIM marketing guide
  • AATIM Newsbriefs
  • AATIM certification exam option
  • Social media communities
  • Professional networking
  • Business discusssion

Discount as a member

  • AATIM annual meeting
  • AATIM Webinars
  • CAT tools and other software
  • Professional lianility insurance
  • Small business insurance
  • AATIM network publications
  • Member-to Member exchanges
  • AATIM certification practice test
  • AATIM certification exam option

Opportunity for new business
As a member you can expand your opportunities for new clients and careers through AATIM member connections and networking where you will have more connections and critical business relationships. You have an opportunity to launch yourself with an effective marketing through online advertising to quality buyers looking for professionals.

Updated Information
AATIM has access to industry news and technology developments, and you can follow the changing job marketplace and its impact on your business; you will have access to ideas to manage and grow your business.

Other Advantages
Strengthen your skills and increase your value in the global economy through AATIM’s training, or earn AATIM certification to boost your credibility with clients. AATIM also offers and training to provide business management skills and can help you to meet experienced translators and Interpreters.

Efficient Resources

As an AATIM member, you have access to cost-effective tools, strategies, and best practices you need to enrich your competences and skills.

You will get Professional recognition through affiliation with the unique association of translators and interpreters in Madagascar and show potential clients your commitment to excellence and quality through AATIM membership


As a member of AATIM you have the right to apply for any exam to get AATIM certification.


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