About AATIM Certification

What is AATIM Certification?

AATIM certification is a respected and recognized credential in Madagascar in the Translation Industry. The purposes of AATIM Certification Program are to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize translators who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality translation.

Want to be AATIM-Certified?

Take it now!

Do you have what is needed?  Nothing is easy about the certification exam, but the sense of accomplishment earned is something you will appreciate throughout your career the sense of accomplishment.

What are the Benefits from AATIM-Certification?

Getting and achieving AATIM certification will be a long road full of good experiences for translators. It also provides a distinction that can set individuals apart and open doors to career advancement and higher compensation.

AATIM-Certified Translator Badge

What is AATIM-Certified Translator Badge?

This an electronic badge that can be used to attest your certification in documents related to your work. Some translators use the badge in a certification of accuracy statement. Others have had the badge made into an embosser. You can use it according to your need.

Why do I need a badge?

The AATIM-certified translator badge is a quick visual identification of your certification from AATIM.

Do I need to pay to get the Badge?

AATIM-Certified Badge is free!

What can I see on the badge?

The badge includes your professional identity as a certified translator: name, language combination, and unique certification number. It also includes a link to an online AATIM verification system that allows a client to confirm your certification.


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