Association of Accredited Translators and Interpreters of


The first professional framework for Translators and Interpreters in Madagascar. AATIM is an opportinuty to show up your Talent.

“AATIM is a key for Malagasy raising talents.”

President of AATIM

Email Contact: haganiainaharijaona@gmail.com tel: +261 34 46 733 86

AATIM Training

Conference training

AATIM training for translators and interpreters includes a complete package of lessons, exercises and practices for its members. The benefit from those training is enough a help for getting a deserved certification.


Beneficial online training

We have an online accreditation program for interpreters and for translators from Madagascar who have learned and taken exams prepared and organized by the association itself. Learners and members can take advantages of learning with the free courses

AATIM Members

Choose the right way to get certified and accredited. Apply for AATIM membership. Join us now!

Our expertise


Mr. SPARIHARIJAONA Andriarimanana Erick
Vice President (Term 2021-2023)

tel: (261) 32 04 662 97

Email Contact: erickspari@gmail.com

Ms. RASOARIMANANA Harimampionona Natacha

Secretary (Term 2021-2023)

tel: (261) 32 97 298 96

Email Contact: nanahrasoarimanana@gmail.com

Ms. RABENARISOA Kristiana Holy
Treasurer (Term 2021-2023)

tel: (261) 32 05 662 97

Email Contact: holykristiana@gmail.com

Learning Begins

Webinars and Conference

-Tutoring and training sessions

-Experiences sharing and exchanges Examinations

-Certification exam Courses for exam

preparation Test and Practices

-For members who are willing to take a certification exam, there are available exercises and practice tests.

-Discounts and other benefits.


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